Tuesday, May 20, 2008

LessThanDot - A New IT Community Coming To You June 1st

Some friends and I are launching a new IT Community site. This site will have a forum, blogs and a wiki. The co-founders are experts from many of the top forums around the internet, who also blog on professional blogs, such as http://sqlblog.com/ and http://weblogs.asp.net.. If you're even a semi regular user of places like Tek Tips, Google Groups, Microsoft Forums, Experts Exchange, LinuxQuestions and many others, you are likely to have been helped by one of the 30+ co-founders of LessThanDot - many of whom are top MVP's in their fields.

LessThanDot intends to cover all aspects of IT - from Web Developers to Sys Admins, from Architects to Data Management, IT Professionals (e.g. Project & Service management) to IT Students and Researchers, Desktop Developers to Enterprise Developers. And if it's not there - just ask.

There will be a "blow off some steam" forum where you can read fun stuff, tech rants, a tech news stream and more.

Unlike other fora we will accept questions from students, but instead of giving an answer we will direct you to where the answer can be found. After all you want to do some work yourself.

Right now you can see 3 screen shots here LessThanDot and make sure to come back June 1st.

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