Thursday, October 9, 2008

Nice collection of VB.NET Programming Hacks

A nice collection of VB.NET Programming Hacks

Here is what is available

* Aliassing a namespace
* Memory usage for all processes
* Get the commandline parameters
* Get the computername
* Getting text from the clipboard
* Saving text on the clipboard
* Getting the freespace on a drive
* Getting memoryusage of one process
* Get the total space used by a drive
* Path to UNC
* Impersonating an administrator
* Programaticaly changing the Ignore addresses in the proxy settings

* Use StringBuilder to concatenate strings

* Add day, month, year to date
* Add time to a date (hours, minutes, seconds)
* Substract Time from a date (hours, minutes, seconds)
* Substract from a date (days, months, years)
* What day of the week is a certain date
* Is this year a leapyear?
* Difference in days between 2 dates

* Use commandparameters instead of string concatenation

* Opening a form on a specified monitor
* Show a form in a form
* Open a form as modal
* Open a form
* Hide a form on closing

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