Friday, June 15, 2007

Acropolis PartPanes, Acropolis Designer and Transitions in Acropolis Videos Available

Using Acropolis PartPanes - In this video, David Poll shows you how the Acropolis PartPane control provides basic management & support services for part views. David shows you how you can use a PartPane to control placement of your part views, and how to configure the various features of the PartPane, such as the part command menu. Finally, David shows you how to create an additional view for your part and how you can use the PartPane's view switching features to let the user switch between them.

Using the Acropolis Designer - In this video, David introduces the Acropolis component designer. This designer provides a visual representation of the non-visual components in your application. It allows you to define and configure a lot of the behavior of your application without having to write a lot of code. David runs through the various elements of the designer and shows you how to use it to configure the navigational behavior of your application's parts, and how to configure its commands, properties, and service dependencies.

Using Transitions in Acropolis - And finally, in this video, Kathy Kam shows you one of the cooler UI features of Acropolis: Transitions. Transitions are canned animations that the PartPane control can use when switching between views. These provide support for a richer user experience by giving the user a contextual, animated re-arrangement of the UI, rather than a sudden visibility change. Kathy shows you how to add a transition effect to the PartPane control and demonstrates some of the pre-built transitions that comes in the Acropolis CTP 1 release.

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