Monday, June 18, 2007

Automating web tests with FitNesse and Selenium article

Web user interfaces have traditionally been hard to integrate into an automated test process. Selenium+FitNesse combination, with just a bit of coding, solves this task incredibly well.

Selenium is a free browser automation and testing library, written by folks at ThoughtWorks. It can simulate text input, mouse events and execute various tests on page content. It’s written in JavaScript, and is compatible with all major browsers and platforms.

FitNesse is an open-source test and collaboration server, based on the Framework for integrated tests (FIT), and supports testing Java, .Net, Python and even some other code. I think that it is a good choice for the second side of the web UI testing coin, because it enables tests to be written almost like in English language. As the UI is very close to clients’ eyes, tests can and should be written so that clients can verify them (and if you are really lucky, even help with writing and maintaining the tests).

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