Sunday, June 17, 2007

Screencast: Introduction to the Windows Workflow Foundation Pageflow sample

Channel 9 has posted their latest screen cast this one deals with Windows Workflow Foundation.
From the site:

Most people think of workflows as a tool to represent and automate back-end
business processes. Back-end business processes normally require some user
interaction but their main purpose is not to drive the user experience or manage
the UI. However, there is a growing type of application that leverages workflow
as a tool to drive the user interaction and drive the user experience of an
interactive process. This type of technology is called page flow.

Last year at TechEd, we showed off some bits we had been working on
internally that were designed to make that possible, the ability to model the
user interaction of an application using workflow. This approach provides
developers the ability to continue managing the complexity of their application
in a structure and scalable manner. It turned out that the code we showed at
TechEd wasn't going to end up in any of the product releases, so the dev team
requested permission to release that code as a sample of how one can implement a
generic navigation framework using WF that can support multiple UI technologies
(i.e. ASP.NET and WPF). This year, I just finished giving a talk showing
this off and talking about how it will be available today!

Watch the screencast(WMV)

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