Sunday, May 13, 2007

Community Server 2007 SP1 - Available

Community Server 2007 SP1 - Available
You can grab it from the new store/download center.

Here is a quick run down of what has been fixed:

User Experience Improvements

  • Corrected width of modals in the Control Panel.
  • Updated Control Panel to hide Manage Licenses for non-admins
  • Updated "Default" theme comment styles to correct overflow styles.

Help text clean-up and Improvements

  • Fixed email template typo
  • Changed messaging for license restrictions on Points, IPBanning, Reporting
  • Missing Resource issue resolved on Blogs.aspx page.
  • Added XML Comments to Controls
Feature Enhancments and Bug Fixes/Updates
  • Updated folder line and icon URLs in the content selectors.
  • Updated avatar handler to support passing username on querystring to retrieve avatar
  • Updated ConfigurationForm to correct an issue that occurs when multiple appended/prepended tabs are defined.
  • Fixed issue with CA:Callback control
  • Fixed premature searching issue in the RelatedIndexPostList control.
  • Fixed searching issue where you couldn't search within a section
  • Fixed issue with how MailGateway stores and uses the encoding name on messages
  • Fixed issue with threading caused by not passing the post object when checking Reply permission for replies to a post
  • Fixed MailingLists object not setting the SettingsID
  • Fixed cs_system_SampleForum setting owner information, which throws off permission checks in MG for the admin user on the Sample Forum
  • Fixed: Admin & Anonymous user’s LoweredEmail was never set in CreateCommunity so some MembershipAPI lookups (FindByEmail) would never work
  • Fixed: Bad redirect from forum moderation “Approve & View”
  • Fixed: Duplicate key exception thrown for non-existent threads
  • Corrected rounding error when selecting colors using the ColorSelector.
  • Corrected russian language issues with the DateTimeSelector.
  • You can now approve a post that starts a thread and it will still be visible in the forum.
  • The mark as read button now only shows to those with permissions to view it (moderators) or thread authors whenever enable status tracking is enabled.
  • Changed TinyUrl HttpHandler away from using a 302 statuscode to redirect to a 301 to help SEO

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