Saturday, May 26, 2007

MbUnit 2.4 Released

Download it here:


  • .NET 1.0 support dropped.

  • .NET 1.1 support in 2.4 merged into the main line (No need for MbUnit.Framework.1.1.dll)

  • Added greater support for .NET 2.0 including (MbUnit.Framework.2.0.dll)

    • Database rollback (now no longer need COM+ if your using .NET 2.0).

    • Private method testing (see Vadims articles here and here).

    • Generics in certain Asserts.

  • Support for NUnit style explicit attributes.

As well as a great deal of bug fixes and functional improvements.

The road ahead.

2.4 signals the end of major releases for 2.*, interim releases with tweaked functionality and bug fixes will still occur to 2.4 (starting with 2.4.1) but the next major release of MbUnit will be v3 codenamed MbUnit Gallio. In the coming weeks the core development team will be stepping up through the gears on MbUnit Gallio.

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