Thursday, May 17, 2007

Extending Visual Studio Just Got Much Easier With VSIPFactory

If you're extending Visual Studio using the VSSDK, you probably know that it's a pain in the neck.
But don't worry any longer because VSIPFactory is here.

The purpose of this project is to provide an better authoring experience of VSIP packages and VSIP components.

Target audience

  • VSIP developers
  • Visual Studio enthusiasts

Features overview
  • Create:

    • VS Package solution
    • VS Package project
    • VS Services
    • VS Tool Windows
    • VS Commands
    • VS Tool Options Pages
    • Editors / Language services
    • Custom projects
    • Custom projects property pages
    • Subscribe to VS Events

      • VS Solution Events
      • VS Build Events
      • VS RDT Events
      • VS Project Item Events
      • VS File Change Events

  • Configure:

    • VS Package
    • VS about/splash screens

  • Deploy:

    • Configure VS Package Load Key
    • Create VS Package Deployment Information

  • Test:

    • Create VS Package Load Key Report
    • Test VS Package Load Key
    • Test VS Splash Screen

  • Utility:

    • Register VS Packages
    • Unregister VS Packages
    • Refresh VS Package Registration Information
    • Launch VS on Experimental Hive

  • DSL authoring:

    • Templates transformation

  • Provides in-context guidance

VSIPFactory - A Software Factory for Visual Studio Extensibility

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