Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Screencast: Building N-Tier Applications in Visual Studio 2008

Channel 9 has made available their latest screen cast: Building N-Tier Applications in Visual Studio 2008

From the site:
In this in interview John Stallo, a Program Manager on the Visual Basic Team, talks about WCF and simple N-Tier applications. He talks about a specific architecture scenario and some of the pain points we have building n-tier applications today. He then walks us through the improvements made in the DataSet Designer that physically separates the data access from the structure and validation code and then quickly creates a WCF service and a client that demonstrates this architecture.

0:00 Intro
1:33 Architecture discussion
6:30 N-tier project layout
7:15 Separating data access code (TableAdapters) from the structure (DataSet)
10:36 Adding validation code
12:55 Creating the WCF service
15:31 Adding the service reference on the client and reusing types
19:17 Databinding to the client form and calling the service

Watch the screencast(WMV)

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