Monday, April 30, 2007

A Bunch Of MIX07 Silverlight Screencasts

Here are a bunch of MIX07 Silverlight Screencasts that you can download from channel 9

Using Silverlight Brushes for Color, Gradient and Video

This screencast shows how you can use brushes to achieve a variety of effects: solid and gradient fills, and even live video fills.

Download it here:

Using the Silverlight Downloader Object

In this screencast, you'll see how the Downloader object can be used for retrieving assets and XAML as an asynchronous background task

Download it here:

Basic Keyboard Input with Silverlight

Learn how Silverlight supports keyboard accelerator input using scan codes.

Download it here:

Adding Ink Support to a Silverlight-based Application

See an example of how Silverlight can take advantage of pen input for vector-based inking support.

Download it here:

2D Geometries in Silverlight

In this session, you'll see how the Geometry object can be used for clipping video and for creating arbitrary paths.

Download it here:

Building Video Overlays with Silverlight

This session demonstrates how you can overlay content on top of a live video using the Canvas container and z-ordering.

Download it here:

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