Friday, April 20, 2007

Video: Orcas 1 Beta And Beyond

Channel 9 has posted their latest Orcas video. From the site:
"Orcas Beta 1 has shipped!!! Who better to tell us all about VS Orcas and related technologies than our good friend Soma, VP of the developer division (that's the group that makes all of our development tools and programming languages). Orcas Beta 1 is a major milestone for the next version of VS and related technologies.

Install Orcas (on Vista, baby!) and experience firsthand the plethora of innovations it contains. Did you know you can write VS2003/2005 applications in Orcas? Did you you know that LINQ is deeply integrated into the Orcas IDE? Did you know that there is now JScript intellisense? Have you played with Cider (design surface for WPF)? Did you know...

As always, your feedback is critical. Soma and team anxiously await learning about your experiences with Orcas."

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