Sunday, April 8, 2007

Daniel Simmons on ADO.NET Entity Framework Podcast

DotNetRocks has made available their latest podcast: Daniel Simmons on ADO.NET Entity Framework

From the site:"

Carl and Richard talk about the ADO.NET Entity Framework, a new ORM technology from Microsoft, with Daniel Simmons, a dev lead on ADO.NET at Microsoft.

Daniel Simmons is a dev lead working on ADO.NET at Microsoft. He has been at Microsoft for 10 years working on a variety of products including Outlook, Excel, LiveMeeting, and some challenging but less fortunate projects like NetDocs and WinFS. Before coming to Microsoft he spent several years as the founder of the second-ever ISP in Idaho as well as consulting with a number of small to medium-sized organizations on custom development and IT projects. "

Download the podcast here:

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