Sunday, April 22, 2007

An Interview With SQL Guru Ken Henderson

Check out this interview with SQL Guru Ken Henderson

Here is a one of the questions

What are the most important things a person can do to master SQL Server?

Ken: Naturally, the best thing a person could do would be to do what the authors of this book did: study the SQL Server source code. Studying the SQL Server source gives you insight into how the product works that is impossible to gain through any other means. But, given that that excludes pretty much everyone outside of Microsoft, here are some general thoughts:

#1, understand how Windows works at a very low level and how SQL Server utilizes the many facilities it offers

#2, understand how the product was designed and how it was intended to be used

#3, explore it not only as a user, but as a developer. Fire up a debugger and see how it works under the hood

#4, build real apps with it, using its various components as they were intended to be used

Here is the link to the full interview:

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