Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bunch Of Silverlight Links

Microsoft Silverlight Home
Silverlight Forums
Official Silverlight Community Site coming April 30th 2007
MSDN Silverlight Dev Center

Silverlight SDK documentation
Microsoft Expression
Design at Microsoft
Silverlight on Channel 9

Documentation and White Papers
Silverlight February 2007 SDK Documentation
Designers and developers will need this to develop Silverlight solutions.
Getting Started with Silverlight
Developers will find this a great way to start using Expression Design, Blend, and Visual Studio for building Silverlight solutions.
Silverlight Architecture Overview
Understand how Silverlight works with this paper.
Silverlight for Web Media Scenarios
Learn how you can use Silverlight to display video and audio on the Web.
Media and Entertainment Content Distribution on the Web
Learn what infrastructure is needed to build an end-to-end streaming media business on the Web.
Silverlight for Designers White Paper
Hear what Silverlight is from a designer.
Quick starts online
Learn Silverlight with these examples.

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