Thursday, April 26, 2007

Video: Windows Longhorn Server Beta 3 Ships

Windows Longhorn Server Beta 3 just shipped and Channel9 has a cool video on their site:

"Windows "Longhorn" Server Beta 3 shipped a little while ago (a couple hours or so ago) and we got the special opportunity to capture the last three sign-offs on the ship process (lots of people have to sign off on a release this big before it ships). Not many outsiders get to bring a video camera into Windows Ship Room, but we're not outsiders! Plus, Iain is a friend of ours.Here, we chat with Iain McDonald, Director, Windows Server Team and Alex Hinrichs, the guy who rules the LHS Ship Room. We chat about the key new ingredients in our next server OS and take a small tour of the campus en route to Building 26 (Windows Planet) from building 43 (Windows Moon). It's always fun to talk to Iain. He's one of those personalities at Microsoft that make it fun to work here. He's also a long time veteran of shipping Windows. This is a big day for Windows Server. Congratulations to all involved with making and testing it out in the real world.Enjoy!"

Media Length: 00:27:17
Download the video here:

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