Monday, July 16, 2007

ASP.NET Ajax Health Care Toolkit Controls Available From CodePlex

The Microsoft Health Common User Interface (CUI) provides Design Guidance and Toolkit controls which allow a new generation of safer, more usable and compelling health applications to be quickly and easily created. It is aimed at user interface designers, application developers and patient safety experts who want to find out more about the benefits of a standardized approach to user interface design.

Patient safety is a critical issue for healthcare organizations worldwide. Microsoft has been working with the National Health Service (NHS) in England to improve patient safety by creating a common look and feel for NHS systems through the NHS Common User Interface (CUI) Programme. This partnership initiative is in conjunction with the UK government agency called NHS Connecting for Health. Microsoft is now publishing the Design Guidance produced through this collaboration and providing the healthcare community with access to the associated Toolkit controls.

Toolkit Controls:
The Toolkit controls developed for this release conform to the recommendations contained in the Design Guidance documents. The Toolkit is a set of .NET 2.0 controls that help Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) build safe, consistent user interfaces for healthcare applications.
The Toolkit controls have been created for use in both ASP.NET AJAX applications and WinForms.NET. The web versions of the controls are based on the ASP.NET AJAX Toolkit.

Once installed into the Visual Studio® 2005 Toolbox, full IntelliSense and context-sensitive help are available to help developers understand how to use the various Toolkit control features. The Toolkit controls also support server-side and client-side data binding. In addition, the ASP.NET AJAX controls support CSS styles, allowing these controls to reflect the look and feel of the hosting application.

Examples of the controls that implement the Design Guidance in specific scenarios, and a demonstration of how different Toolkit controls can be combined and different styling applied can be found here.

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