Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Video: First Look at Visual Studio .NET 2008 and the LinqDataSource Control

Visual Studio .NET 2008 provides many new features that will definitely enhance developer productivity. In this video tutorial I provide an introductory look at VS.NET 2008 and show a few features such as multi-targeting, split view, and the LinqDataSource control. In the video you'll see how to build an ASP.NET page that retrieves data from a data context object (created with the new LINQ to SQL designer) and binds it to various controls using the LinqDataSource control.

Watch the video here: http://blogs.interfacett.com/dan-wahlins-blog/2007/7/27/video-first-look-at-visual-studio-net-2008-and-the-linqdatas.html

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