Friday, July 27, 2007

Video: S. Somasegar (Soma) and Scott Guthrie on Orcas Beta 2: What's in it?

Channel 9 has posted their latest video:
Visual Studio 2008 Code Name "Orcas" Beta 2 has just hit the wire and, since it's Beta 2, this means VS2008 is feature complete (oh, and it's GoLive! as well)!!!

"Orcas" represents a major evolution for Visual Studio and our suite of .NET languages. Who better to talk about what's new in "Orcas" than our friends S. Somasegar (Everybody calls him Soma), VP of the Developer Division (the group that makes all of our development technologies), and Scott Guthrie, General Manager and one of Microsoft's most prolific employees (now a senior manager, but he keeps his hands in the technologies he and team build and innovate).

Here, we talk about what's new, exactly, why you (the developer) should care about it, what's changed from Beta 1 to Beta 2, what's the general process of building "Orcas" (we will dig deeper into this with the folks who drive the new, improved development process in the Developer Division), how feature cut decisions are made.

In this conversation, Scott makes a very interesting comment about the state of .NET languages like VB9 and C# 3.0: In his mind, they represent the most dramatic change since .NET 1.0 in terms of power and productivity.

As always, it's great to chat with Soma and Scott. DevDiv is loaded with talent, from top to bottom.

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