Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Microsoft Announces Small Business Developer Center

To help address the needs of the small business developer, Microsoft designed a web site based around the top tasks that these developers are faced with regularly: integrating data between systems, building reports, building small web and windows LOB applications. The Small Business Developer Center is focused on providing practical, actionable platform guidance for developers working with small businesses.

Here are some links to get you started:

Integrate Data
Efficiently extract customer data that exists in various formats, clean it up and transform it into a consistent format that can be imported and utilized for reporting.

Create Reports
Take full advantage of Microsoft Office Excel and SQL Server Reporting Services to give your customers powerful reports – including pivot tables, charts and interactivity – that they can update and share internally or online.

Build Web Applications
Quickly develop static Web sites for customers in need of a simple online presence or leverage the ASP.NET platform and Visual Studio to create dynamic, interactive Web sites with deep customization.

Build Windows Applications
Create applications that small businesses can run on their existing Windows-based infrastructure, enabling them to manipulate and then synchronize data both internally and externally.

Deploy and Secure Your Applications
Ensure the Windows and Web applications you develop can be fully utilized by your customers once deployed and that data housed in an online environment is well-secured.

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