Monday, July 2, 2007

How to resolve a deadlock

I stumbled upon this SQL Server technical bulletin and it gives one example of how to resolve a deadlock. Typical methods you can use to resolve deadlocks include:
Adding and dropping indexes.
Adding index hints.
Modifying the application to access resources in a similar pattern.
Removing activity from the transaction like triggers. By default, triggers are transactional.
Keeping transactions as short as possible.
I won't go into details here since you can read it all at the following link (SQL Server technical bulletin - How to resolve a deadlock)

Also check out the following deadlock links
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And of course if you really want to know everything about locking I recommend the following book (in PDF format): Hands-On SQL Server 2000 : Troubleshooting Locking and Blocking by Kalen Delaney (Inside SQL Server 2000)

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