Monday, July 23, 2007

Why Robert Scoble Is Not Yet Another Promiscuous Web 2.0 Whore

Why did Robert Scoble leave Microsoft for PodTech where he is Vice President of Media Development? The reason is because Robert Scoble gets Web 2.0 and het gets it big time. You want to be a friend of Robert Scoble on facebook? No problem he will add you. You want to be a friend on Pownce? No problem either, Scoble adds everyone everywhere. Right now he has 1557 friends on Pwonce ( and 3757 friends on facebook(

Now why on earth would a person do such a thing? Is it an “I have more friends than you” thing? No, Robert Scoble is going to create a marketing department’s wet dream: a huge target audience. That is right, once Scoble has the numbers he is looking for PodTech will take off big time. He posts on Pownce and 1557 people get the message, he posts on facebook and 3757 will get his message. I am not even covering Jaiku or twitter here. Advertisers will love this man, who can blame them? What is your opinion?

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Anonymous said...

Scoble is kinda cool. Sometimes what he says is way out there, but he's usually close to the mark.

Scoble is a user, though, and not a techie. I've been reading his blog now for over two years, and I can tell.